Enable quick adoption with virtual meeting capabilities that make it easy khổng lồ start, join, collaborate, and schedule meetings across any device.

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magdalenarybarikova.com Meetings syncs with your calendar system & delivers streamlined enterprise-grade đoạn clip conferencing from desktop, mobile & dedicated magdalenarybarikova.com for home Devices


Robust security settings help khổng lồ ensure disruption-free virtual meetings, with encryption, role-based security, Passcode protection, Waiting Rooms, và more.


HD audio and video clip meetings

Bring HD video clip and audio to your virtual meetings with tư vấn for up khổng lồ 1000 video participants & 49 videos on screen.


Built-in collaboration tools

Multiple clip call participants can share their screens simultaneously & co-annotate for a more interactive virtual meeting.


Made for Connecting

Filters, reactions, polls, hand raising, and music or video clip sharing make virtual meetings more fun and engaging.

Meeting recording và transcripts

Record your virtual meetings locally or to the cloud, with searchable transcripts.

Streamlined calendaring

Easily start or schedule meetings directly from Outlook, Gmail, or iCalendar.

Team Chat

Chat with groups, searchable history, integrated tệp tin sharing, và 10 year archive. Easily escalate into 1:1 or group clip calls.

Enable modern collaboration with Team Chat và channels, Phone, Whiteboard, and Meetings in a single offering.

magdalenarybarikova.com Meetings for desktop and mobile provide the virtual meeting tools lớn make every meeting a great one.

Focus on your virtual meeting – click record khổng lồ leave the cảnh báo taking khổng lồ magdalenarybarikova.com’s auto-generated, searchable transcripts

Today’s professionals need to lớn be able to work and đoạn clip conference wherever they are. magdalenarybarikova.com Meetings for smartphone provides the same great video clip conferencing experience that you’d expect from the desktop client & more.

Integrated persistent instant messaging streamlines workspace collaboration for team members across the desktop và mobile clients.

Brainstorm, ideate and create, any time, from anywhere, no meeting necessary. Fully integrated with the magdalenarybarikova.com platform.

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Centralized IT management và remote assistance simplifies deployment and tư vấn for all aspects of magdalenarybarikova.com’s virtual meeting platform.

Hardware to optimize your virtual meeting experience

Upgrade the audio and video unique of your online meetings with headsets, webcams, & more

View Recommended Hardware

Integrations to enhance collaboration

magdalenarybarikova.com Meetings connects with some of your favorite applications lớn enhance collaboration