What we vì chưng .

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At magdalenarybarikova.com, our goal is to help elevate teams - giving them the push they need khổng lồ truly succeed in today"s ever-changing tech world.


Consulting .

Let us help take your Application to lớn the next cấp độ - planning the next big steps, reviewing architecture, và brainstorming with the team lớn ensure you achieve your most ambitious goals!


Development .

magdalenarybarikova.com can become part of your development process, making sure that you"re building enterprise-grade, scalable applications with best-practices in mind, all while getting things done better và faster!


Workshops .

Have a magdalenarybarikova.com team member come to lớn YOU! Get your team up to lớn speed with guided workshops on a huge variety of topics. Modern NodeJS (or NestJS) development, JavaScript frameworks, Reactive Programming, or anything in between! We"ve got you covered.


Open-source .

We love open-source because we love giving back to lớn the community! We help maintain & contribute lớn some of the largest open-source projects, & hope lớn always share our knowledge with the world!

Our team .

We"ve worked with small start-ups, khổng lồ Fortune 500 companies, leading them all khổng lồ success.




Kamil Mysliwiec | JsKongress 2019 - Munich, Germany

Taming reactive Node.js: Stream-oriented architecture with Nest


Who we"re working with .

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We"ve worked with some of the largest enterprise companies & globally used open source projects. Now we"re ready lớn help your project become a huge success.

We"ve been working closely with the NestJS và magdalenarybarikova.com team to địa chỉ cửa hàng DB support with Azure Table Storage, file upload tư vấn with Azure Blob Storage & most excitingly support for deploying a NestJS ứng dụng to Azure Serverless Functions; it"s the perfect companion for building server-sides on Microsoft Azure.