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Dr. Toan A. Tran is a therapeutic optometrist & optometric glaucoma specialist born và raised in the DFW area. His dedication and personal commitment to “serving patients first” provides for a thorough, comfortable, và overall excellent experience.

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After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Tran went on to obtain his Doctor of Optometry in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is clinically trilingual (English, Vietnamese & Spanish). When Dr. Tran is not in the office, he spends most of his time with his extended family & close friends. He is an avid golfer, plays flag football twice a week, and loves supporting hometown sports teams (Mavericks, Rangers và Cowboys).

Dr. Tran has been in the optical và optometry field since 1999. He started off as a newly hired optician, earning và learning his way through every position within the front office before being accepted into Optometry school. Once he graduated from Optometry School with his doctorate, he knew the only way to fulfill his knowledge & craft was to open up a private practice.

He’s now a proud owner of an on-campus practice at the University of North Texas in Denton. This Denton location allows him lớn make an immediate educational impact on all students from undergraduate lớn post-doctorate, employees, & professors of both UNT & TWU in the area. By opening Wink Eye Care in the early summer of 2013, he is able khổng lồ practice full-scope optometry from all different ages and generations and happily serve the community of Little Elm và Frisco.


Dr. Kim Blois

is our full-time optometrist at Wink Eye Care & College Optical Express. A “country girl” at heart originally from North Texas, Dr. Blois’s natural hospitality & professional experience give patients a personal và precise visit each time. She is committed to lớn your visual health.

Her motivation to become a successful O.D. Originated at an early age when she realized how much we use our eyes và the importance of clear vision. Before graduating from the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!), Dr. Blois started in the optical and optometric field as an optician for COE. It was then, Dr. Tran mentored và instilled in Dr. Blois his philosophy of “serving patients first.”

Dr. Blois achieved her Doctor of Optometry after graduating with Honors from the University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio.

Knowing first hand she & Dr. Tran shared a common passion, Dr. Blois rejoined the COE và WEC team. She is excited to lớn be back & serve the residents of North Texas!

Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, walking their two pups around in the Texas sky, and (in between Netflix “marathons”) training at the gym.


Dr. Melissa Gonzales

is a full-time therapeutic optometrist & glaucoma specialist at Wink Eye Care & College Optical Express. Dr. Gonzales brings energy & compassion into the exam room with her enthusiasm for patient service & advocacy for eye health. With a background in healthcare, she is excited lớn serve the North Texas community through her knowledge of treatment and management of ocular disease.

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Dr. Gonzales originated from Portland, TX. She obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree through the University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio. She is excited khổng lồ connect with Dr. Tran & Dr. Blois, both with whom she shared the goal of generational relationships with patients. 


Jorge is our optical lab manager and he is ABO Certified. Jorge is a native Texan. He grew up in the Grand Prairie & Arlington Texas area và has actually known Dr. Tran since he was at the age of 17. He is in charge of training our staff in the new giải pháp công nghệ of lenses, coatings và also new frames. He also takes care of the in-house lab jobs along with framing và fashion inventory for our offices. He has been in the optical field since 2006 và has worked his way up the ladder by perfecting his craft behind the scenes. He is passionate about providing the right modification & style of lenses for each of our patients & making sure that our patients are given the best unique of products as possible for their prescriptions. Aside from managing frames và lenses, Jorge is a car enthusiast and he is a huge local trang chủ sports fan.