this has just occurred khổng lồ me and it does make perfect sense seein as i have yet lớn know Max"s dad"s name yet wait i think i vì but vì you think that Max"s dad could be Toan just with a different name or am i wrong on this.

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Who would"ve Toan married? Nah, Max just isn"t related to lớn Toan, because Max talks và Toan doesn"t.-------------------This is not a second signature. No, really, I am not kidding. There"s no such thing as a 2nd signature. This sig is dedicated to those who go for originality, và fights everyone who oppose. Since: May 2004
The only relationship is that they can use the Atlamillia.-------------------This sig is dedicated to lớn those who go for originality, & fights everyone who oppose. Let no one ridicule your opinion and style. Cascade7 will fight for you, 4 days a week, 3 hours a day.-------------------
I thoguht there were only 3 atla"s but toan had one và max và monica have one & griffon has one khổng lồ so that is 4 am i wrong?
The two games have no real relationship. The legends are different, gameplay is similar, but different, & the characters are different.Besides, Max"s Dad is in the storyline.
I remember Toan"s Atlamillia being blue in color. Maybe he & Monica have a relationship of some kind.
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don"t you think the difference of Toan over max( not even close khổng lồ max ) it didn"t even cross my mind
Nope, it would be impossible for him to be Toan"s dad. If you remember some chapter they talk about a supposed anh hùng some 1000 years ago. That was toan. Plus they look totally diffrent.

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I remember this, but when did they say that và who said that?WARNING: THE FOLLOWING TEXT MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS.I think it was in Dark Cloud, Fairy King said that the Earth could only create one atlamillia stone each millennium(1000 years). If I remember correctly, Toan"s xanh atlamillia disappeared when he used its power to lớn revive the girl & prevent The Dark Genie at the end. Then it makes sense that Monica has a xanh atlamillia, because that is a new one, not the same as Toan"s.About Osmond, we don"t know how long these moon rabbits live, it would not be unlikely that he is more than 1000 years old. But when they say there was a hero 1000 years ago, we don"t know which point in history they were talking about. Toan travelled 400 years back in time lớn defeat The Dark Genie. It could be 1000 years after he saved the world or 1000 years after he lived. Và I"m not sure if they meant 1000 years before Max" or Monica"s age, thus, Dark Chronicle may be 500(600)-1000(1100) years after Dark Cloud.We vị know that there has been some time between the games. Firbits and moon rabbits live amongst men in Dark Chronicle, the only moon rabbits on Dark Cloud lived underground in Brownboo Village và we didn"t see any firbits at all. Rufio talks about the moon because that was originally where he (or his ancestors) came from a long time ago. I believe that Matataki Village & Sindain, Wise Owl Forest & Rainbow Butterfly Woods, Treant và Jurak, are the same. The names of some of the monsters and weapons have changed và the world is more industrialized in Dark Chronicle, both in Max" and Monica"s age.There is another possibility, Dark Cloud & Dark Chronicle, just lượt thích the Zelda games, could be games that take place in the same world, have common character, but have different stories.