When you create objects in a document using the drawing tools available in magdalenarybarikova.com, each object is drawn on its own layer. This means all objects are independent và can be moved on đứng top of other objects. However, there may be times when you actually want an object to lớn be under another object. You can vì this by following these steps:

Select the pointer tool (the arrow) from the Drawing toolbar.Using the mouse, point to lớn the shape you want lớn send khổng lồ the back, và click on it. Small square boxes, called handles, appear at each corner in the shape.Choose Order from the Draw thực đơn on the toolbar. magdalenarybarikova.com displays a phối of ordering commands.Choose the Send lớn Back option.

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You can bởi the same sort of arrangement by choosing Bring khổng lồ Front instead of Send lớn Back. magdalenarybarikova.com will move an sản phẩm which may be behind others so that it overlays the others.

magdalenarybarikova.commagdalenarybarikova.com is your source for cost-effective Microsoft magdalenarybarikova.com training.(Microsoft magdalenarybarikova.com is the most popular magdalenarybarikova.com processing software in the world.)This tip (1872) applies to Microsoft magdalenarybarikova.com 97, 2000, 2002, và 2003. You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of magdalenarybarikova.com (magdalenarybarikova.com 2007 & later) here: Sending Drawing Objects khổng lồ the Back or Front.

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