I absolutely love macchiatos, & I’d love to get an iced macchiato where instead of espresso it’s matcha green tea that gets poured on the ice & milk. Is this possible? How could I order one in a way that’s least stressful/annoying for the barista?


Honestly you should just get an iced matcha green tea latte with extra vanilla. The macchiato format of the drink isn’t going to add anything to the experience of drinking it.

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Matcha is powder as opposed lớn the espresso shots in macchiatos và we really don't have a way to get the consistency of espresso with matcha even if we try to mix it in hot water so I don't think that's really doable.

Thanks! I had no idea. Is this why all of the menu matcha drinks are mixed with either milk or lemonade?

Go lớn a boba/tea cafe! I love that drink, whisked plain matcha over sweet almond or oat milk is 10/10, just don’t go to Starbucks for it bc our matcha is not whisked & has so much sugar which makes it taste meh :/

Some great suggestions in the comments already tbat I'm dying lớn try!

Mine isn't anywhere what you were looking for but is something that surprisingly tasted good!


-Iced Grande, Double Affagatto, 3 pump Vanilla, with Mocha Drizzle, Matcha Green Tea Latte! (Obviously substitute your preffered dairy or non-dairy option!)

Maybe a foam with the matcha over your macchiato ? Which would only be milk literally . I would get it upside down first but then again it wouldn’t matter I make mines regulars but then showroom vanilla sweet cream cold foam & cinnamon topped with crosshatch . So yummy ! Also you may ask for vanilla sweet cream foam or whichever foam then ask for 2 matcha scoops blended in .

i have this regular who orders a matcha green tea latte w whole milk NON SHAKEN (so we literally just put the powder on top..) if that’s what you’d like, order it this way. It’s actually easier than making a shaken one lol!

What Starbucks calls a macchiato is really just an upside down latte (if you try lớn order something similar at any other coffee shop). So I think of these starbucks drinks primarily as an aesthetic choice rather than anything to bởi vì with flavor.

Probably the best way to lớn get the visual of the green matcha on vị trí cao nhất is with matcha mixed into cold foam.

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