Perhaps it was inevitable that in their next stage of growth, Two Stones Pub would start brewing their own beer. With longtime (and highly respected) Iron Hill Head Brewer Bob Barrar, 2SP Brewing Company produces food-friendly beers that truly stand on their own, & the local press has noticed: Philly Beer Scene named 2SP as 2016’s Best New Brewery. Food trucks visit on Thursdays through Saturdays, but the brewer’s cheeseboard that they offer makes for great snacking on the other days of the week.

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Something to start with: Bellcracker Double IPA


3605 Old Capitol Trail C8, Wilmington, DE

Operated out of a warehouse/storage space, this nano-brewery packs crowds into its tasting room on weekends, luring them with a diverse, rotating line-up of full-flavored beers. There’s no kitchen on premises, but beer-friendly food trucks roll in on the regular on weekends. (Note: Folllow your GPS carefully. You can’t see Bellefonte from the road. Turn into the warehouse/storage area và go back just about as far as you can go, và you’re there.)

Something to start with: Orange Street Ale


210 Artisans Drive Smyrna, DE 19977

The brews ‘n’ blues theme plays deep into the DNA of blue Earl beers, from the Walking Blues IPA, the Blues power American Pale Ale, the Honeysuckle Rose Belgian-style Blonde Ale and the somewhat funkier When Doves Cry Vienna-style Amber Lager. You’ll find live music playing most Friday và Saturday nights (and the occasional all-day soul festival) to enjoy with your beers, & tours run Saturday & Sunday afternoons.

Something to start with: Honeysuckle Rose


2878 Creek Rd, Yorklyn, DE 19736 

Inside the century-old Garrett Snuff Mill complex in Yorklyn, Dew Point Brewing produces Belgian inspired ales for service in its beautifully restored tasting room,only a few minutes drive from attractions Longwood Gardens, Mt Cuba Center and Winterthur Museum. Beers feature a variety of high-end ingredients và specialty hops in intriguing combinations. There’s no kitchen, but regulars from the neighborhood often bring their own snacks, ranging anywhere from chips & guac khổng lồ full-on picnics, và weekends have become a regular jaunt for area food trucks.

Something lớn start with: Hopworts Express IPA

The brewers at Kennett Brewing are devoted to innovation and experimentation, “replicating traditional styles và creating innovative interpretations,” & creating beers lượt thích The Kidd (“crisp and creamy, simple & elegant, candied pears, spice drops, hay & a bit of honeyed biscuits”) và the Head Skull Mind Beer (“think of Vermont as a style of beer”). Xuất hiện every day but Monday & with a diverse, upscale pub menu.

Something khổng lồ start with: Head Skull Mind Beer


28  Brookside Dr, Wilmington, DE

Just to lớn be clear up front: This is not a brewery, but Delaware’s only meadery và ciderworks, specializing in gluten-free, pure fruit và spice drinks. Their secret recipe calls for locally sourced apples & honey, mixed with some old-world techniques and a bit of modern technology, to create one of the most unique stops on the northern Delaware trail. Check the schedule for regular events lượt thích Sunday brunches & holiday celebrations.

Something to start with: Sweet Nothings orange blossom mead


674 Pencader Dr, Newark

Home brewer Mike Dunlap went pro with the opening of Midnight Oil Brewing và he gave his beers room to lớn breathe with a spacious, comfortable tasting room that’s open seven days a week. There are a half dozen mainstays on the menu, và another half dozen seasonals that regularly rotate.

Something khổng lồ start with: Sundown Saison

Northern Delaware’s only distillery creates craft cocktails with their own bourbons, vodka và gins, at this operation set up inside the Old Smyrna Theater movie house. (You’ll definitely want a tour.) They have seven mainstay bottles available all the time, but experimental batches like aged espresso vodka và barley whiskey pop up now and then too.

Something to lớn start with: kim cương State Straight BourbonWhiskey

A local tap favorite in Delaware restaurants for years, Twin Lakes dealt with some downtime during a move into a larger brewing operation in Newport, DE. The new tasting room is now xuất hiện (and you can tour their substantially bigger brewing operation), & they’ve been busy brewing – once again, their signature Twin Lakes Pale Ale can be found on taps all around town.

Something lớn start with: Greenville Pale Ale

Officially Delaware’s smallest brewery, Volunteer brews on a two-barrel system & pours mostly at community events, but the brewery is mở cửa a few days a month for visitors, usually on either Fridays or Saturdays, when the beer is ready. Definitely kiểm tra the schedule on Facebook or their trang web before heading out.

Something khổng lồ start with: Belgian Amber

The most recent addition lớn a scene that is growing so quickly that it might not be true when you read this, Wilmington Brew Works tapped Bellefonte brewer Craig Wensell to open Wilmington’s first production brewery since 1955 in a beautiful tasting room that’s quickly become a neighborhood hangout.

Something lớn start with: Lupulin Enlightenment

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