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Royal Revolt 2
93.94 MB
Android 5.0, tiện ích ios 8.0
Games, Action
Google Play
Games, Action
June 30, 2022 (2 months ago )

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Publisher Flaregames has released a trò chơi called Royal Revolt 2, extremely interesting và also in the most popular game series until the present time. Received enthusiastically by many players và when you join in this game, you will start a new adventure to show your strategy and ingenuity. 

Introducing Royal Revolt 2 

The game launched in 2014

The game launched in năm trước and still receives a lot of attention from the gaming community. With its extremely good tactical kích hoạt genre, this game has created attraction with super classic battles. 

Join the game you will transform into a young prince & when the war breaks out you need khổng lồ raise the team leader khổng lồ win. The smoke và fire wars right in front of you, how lớn protect your power? It’s time khổng lồ take back the glory & win by your leadership. 

The gameplay

The game is simple, but the more you play, the more addictive it becomes. There are many quests & unique thành tựu systems for you khổng lồ collect. Besides, the gen regulation is beautiful & vivid, which are important factors that help the game achieve more success than expected. 

Continuation of war

Game will be phối in the medieval period và there is an extremely complicated political country. A lot of people fight each other to lớn be able khổng lồ rule this place. However, the throne is only one and is also the purpose of many people. 

You will be a young emperor standing up to lớn lead the army to lớn regain the crown for the king. Then build & manage your country in an Independent way. 

Be the leader 

However, being the king is not the end & you need lớn resist the outside forces. There are a lot of bad guys who want khổng lồ manipulate your kingdom so you have khổng lồ show your leadership skills. 

Be wise when coming up with a reasonable strategy khổng lồ govern as well as conquer other empires. Resources are in your hands, but knowing how khổng lồ use them or not is up lớn you khổng lồ create. When the kingdom is attacked, the player needs khổng lồ build strong alliances và develop the Kingdom stronger. 

Upgrade content 

The trò chơi is designed và built on 3d platform graphics that tư vấn a lot of different devices. The combination of many factors not only helps the trò chơi keep the đứng đầu position, but also is considered a place lớn challenge the strategy of gamers. 

Upgrade content

There are many events & tasks in the trò chơi with diverse colors khổng lồ avoid boredom. Besides, you also have to defend và attack continuously on the fortress. 

Not stopping there, the game will give you the opportunity khổng lồ explore new lands. Just like the titles: VALORANT Mobile, PUBG Mobile, FK Dungeon, Darkest AFK,… Surely the content in the trò chơi will take you to lớn a new land. 

Hero Upgrade 

In this trò chơi you can also choose a favorite hero. Each nhân vật has its own stats và different groups. The hero’s cấp độ also increases according to the second & to upgrade the character’s strength Please equip more weapons và items. 

More specifically, this trò chơi also integrates an RPG MMO mode lớn help players collect and improve damage. The tư vấn of many monsters is essential to the defense of your Royal Revolt 2 kingdom expansion. 

Challenge other players

Thanks to lớn their special features, you can also challenge other players around the world. Let’s strengthen the defense army and sound towards the enemy khổng lồ defeat them 

In addition, the player can also actively attack other lands before being attacked by them. Defending the Kingdom is a must, but attacking the opponent is also really important lớn get more items. Synthesize alliances to lớn ensure your land is within safe range. 


Who will players transform into in Royal Revolt 2? 

Players will transform into a anh hùng leading a huge kingdom. What you can vị is dominate the Kingdom as well as occupy other lands. 

Is it possible lớn play Royal Revolt 2 Offline? 

This game is provided by the publisher in Online mode, so players cannot access it in offline mode. 

Is it safe to download Royal Revolt 2 lớn your device? 

If you can’t download the game, please visit to ensure the link is correct, absolutely safe, và not harmful khổng lồ your computer. 

Download Royal Revolt 2 for app android iOS

The dramatic drama in the trò chơi Royal Revolt 2 has made an absolute difference compared khổng lồ current games.

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