Anh Tu (1950-2003) was a famous Vietnamese singer and the third eldest child of Lu Lien, a legendary singer/musician và founding member of AVT, the renowned singing trio of Northern Vietnamese folk music. Born as La Anh Tu on April 16, 1950 in da Lat, South Vietnam, he was raised primarily in Saigon. He had come from a family of performers as all 6 of his siblings,Bich Chieu, Tuan Ngoc, Khanh Ha, Thuy Anh, Lan Anh & Luu Bich, would grow up to lớn become established singers. Anh Tu began his career as a professional singer in Vietnam during the year of 1969 when he và his younger sister, Khanh Ha, began performing for nightclubs and venues which catered khổng lồ mostly patrons of US military personnel where they would cover songs of popular world music in English và French. Their very first gig was an engagement performing for US GIs at the USO in Saigon alongside singer/actress Mai Le Huyen. Shortly thereafter, one other younger sister, Thuy Anh, would join them to size a pop music singing group based in Saigon called The xanh Jets. By 1972, they became known as the trio, Thuy Ha Tu, và later The Uptight, which included musicians Tung GiangQuoc Thang. The Uptightheadlined exclusively at the prestigious Queen Bee Nightclub in Saigon. Anh Tu & his two sisters recorded for various record labels while in South Vietnam such as Tung Giang, Nhac TreNhac Hong. Among their most well received recordings during this period included covers of songs in both English & Vietnamese lyrics such as Killing Me Softly With His Song, Waterloo andPuppy Love. Their first recording of a Vietnamese composition was a medley of two songs written by Trinh Cong Son, cát Bui Tinh Xa. Anh Tu recorded two solo renditions while in Saigon which were covers of Harry Nilsson"s Without Youand Michel Fugain"s Une Belle Histoire,for the Nhac Tre record label.

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Anh Tu and Khanh Ha
Just days before the Fall of Saigon, Anh Tu along with members of his extended family which included five of his siblings và both of his parents fled from Vietnam khổng lồ begin a new life in the United States. His eldest sister, Bich Chieu, had left Vietnam in the 1960s to lớn resettle in Italy. The Uptight quickly resumed as a popular music group for overseas Vietnamese music audiences. As one of the most innovative music acts among overseas Vietnamese performers, The Uptight played at live shows for overseas Vietnamese audiences all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. They even played at the legendary Palladium in Los Angeles lớn a sold out crowd in the early 1980s. With Khanh Ha"s solo career taken to lớn unimaginable heights and Thuy Anh"s absence for nearly two decades, Luu Bich, the youngest sibling, was recruited as the female lead singer of the group during the 1980s. One other edition lớn the group was Lan Anh, another of Anh Tu"s younger sisters, as the group"s drummer. Anh Tu was the only consistent original thành viên of The Uptight. Although he initially was the background vocalist for the group, it became evident through the years that Anh Tu, indeed, was the backbone The Uptight"s success.The formation of Khanh Ha Productionsin 1988 reintroduced Anh Tu as a recording artist in the Vietnamese music industry worldwide. Other than the recordings he had made back in Saigon prior lớn 1975 và a couple of duet tracks with Khanh Ha on her solo studio album, co Hong (1986) for the production label, Lang Van, until then Anh Tu as a recording artist had pretty much drifted to obscurity. With the release of Uptight 1by Khanh Ha Productions in 1988, Anh Tu was reintroduced to lớn the Vietnamese music industry with his unforgettable recorded version of Lac Mat cài Xuan (Le Géant de Papier).The song would become one of Anh Tu"s signature songs for the remainder of his career. The following year, Khanh Ha Productions released a full duet studio album of Anh Tu and Khanh Ha, Premier Amour, a selection of popular French love songs covered in both French và Vietnamese lyrics. Anh Tu"s popularity as a recording artist would gradually grow through the years with Khanh Ha Productions which included his recorded versions of songs such as Mo ve Em (Je Pense à Toi), cách nhau chừng Tu Day, Dong SongandTron Doi Yeu Em (More Than I Can Say).

In the 1990s, with the closing of Chez Moi
, a nightclub owned & operated for several years by family members of The Uptight in Alhambra, California, Anh Tu ventured out as a solo artist and finally experienced his career peak. In 1991, Khanh Ha Productions released his first solo studio album,Cô Đơn. After several years as an exclusive performer at the Can Nightclub in Garden Grove, California, Anh Tu was recruited by nightclub owner and musician Ngoc Chanh to join the lineup of singers at the Ritz Nightclub in Anaheim, California in 1996. Later that year, Khanh Ha Productions released Anh Tu"s solo studio album,Yêu Em. Another solo studio album,Dòng Sông, was released in 1998. And his final solo studio album,NếuNhưTa Còn yêu đương Nhau,wasreleased in the year 2000. Anh Tu remained with Ritz until the closing of its doors in 2001 & continued lớn perform at live shows all over the world. During the last decade of his life, Anh Tu had enjoyed a highly successful career as a recording artist with various overseas Vietnamese music production labels such as New Castle Entertainment, Mai Productions, Love Music, Tektronic, Sao DemEagle Productions. He also had recorded several well received duet albums with other artists likeThanh Ha, Ngoc Hue & Ngoc Thuy. Anh Tu had appeared onThuy Nga"sParis By Night on volume 10 performing a cover of Depeche Mode"s Strange Love, in both English and Vietnamese. Anh Tu had also appeared with his two sisters, Khanh Ha & Thuy Anh, as Thuy Ha Tu on several volumes of Asia Entertainment"s live show music video series. Among his most popular recorded songs include Nhung Loi Doi Gian, Chi bé Minh Anh, Hoai Mong và Cay Dan Bo Quen.On December 3, 2003, Anh Tu met his untimely death. He left behind a son, Julian, from a brief marriage back in the early 1980s, & countless adoring fans from all over the world.

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At the time of his passing, Anh Tu was only 53.