Activate Internet Security lớn protect your computer against viruses & other threats.

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Before activating the application:

To learn more about the activation code và licensing, see this article.

Scroll down to lớn watch the video clip about how to lớn activate mạng internet Security.

We recommend that you use the trial version internet Security khổng lồ familiarize yourself with the application. The trial license allows you khổng lồ access all the application’s features, but its term is limited to one month.

To apply the trial license:

In the application window, click Enter activation code.


Click Activate trial version of the application.


Click Done.

The trial license will be activated for one month. To continue using mạng internet Security, purchase a license.

The trial license cannot be applied in the following cases:

The trial license is already in use.It has already been used on the computer at an earlier time.You have already applied a commercial license.
In the application window, click License: ... Days remaining.

Click Purchase license. You will be redirected lớn the Lab website, where you can make your purchase.


Select the number of devices you want to lớn protect.Scroll down và click Buy now.


Click Checkout.Enter your personal details, thư điện tử address và select a payment method. Auto Renewal is only available when paying by card.Accept the Terms of Sale & Privacy Policy.Click Review your order.


Complete your purchase.

Once your payment has been processed, an activation code and instructions will be sent to the thư điện tử address you specified when making your purchase.

How khổng lồ activate the application with the activation code

You may need the activation code for renewal or contacting technical We recommend that you connect your application khổng lồ My khổng lồ save your license information in your account. See this article for instructions.

To activate the application:

In the application window, click License: ... Days remaining.

Click Enter activation code.


Enter the code from the message you have received after buying the license và click Activate.


Click Done. mạng internet Security has now been activated.

If you purchased a license for multiple devices, activate internet Security on all the devices using the same activation code.

Applications other than mạng internet Security 20 that can be activated with the code

You can use the activation code for internet Security lớn activate the following applications:

You can also activate mạng internet Security 19 & 18. To learn which application version you are using, see this article.

What to vì chưng in case of activation errors

You can find instructions on how khổng lồ solve activation issues in the Activation errors section.

If the issue persists, submit a request to lớn technical by choosing the topic và filling out the form.

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